Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fitness Funda : Gym or yoga?? ( I found a Hybrid)

Everyone should really be already on a fitness workout, and if your not then start , stop procrastinating ( lazy bum)

I have never really been 'thin' (thank you DNA, not) , and no I am not one of those skinny girls that just say I am not thin when they really are. I am a nice healthy plum-ish full figured girl , who has always been a 'L' or a 'XL' , recently reached 'M' and extreamly happy about it.

I have to unfortunetly work hard for all those chocolates and pizza's and eat outs.

One debate I had when I had to start a workout routine was whether to join Yoga or Gym.

I initially joined Gold Gym, their on floor instructor's are good but its more over self motivation ( dont have) that you need to keep going, and the cost of a personal trainer is just too much! Any other gym around my area didnt have good trainers.
In the end the whole idea of a gym failed.

Next I went to this Lady that teaches Yoga at home....wait there is a 'but' coming.....but I ended up being the only person under 30 and well, the class was too slow for me and concentrated more on arthritis and diabetes, etc., etc.

I tried working out on my own at home, read procrastination.

Finally I joined 'Power Yoga', its basically high-paced yoga, and the instructor is great. We started of with a class of 4 students and are current 10, so end up getting personal attention. The instructor keeps encouraging us and has taken it up as a personal mission to make us 'yoga experts'. Most of the stuff we do is almost equivalent of a cardio workout. 

For those who know yoga-lingo : we do Surya Namaskar 35 times, and his aim is to take it upto 100 times just because Kareena Kapoor use to do 100 when she was Size 0, Have to inform him I am perfectly happy at being a Size 12. 10 is the minimum I wish to go.

Been trying to tread mill in evening as well for around 20 min. but not punctual :(

Want to do one more thing along with yoga trying to figure out what.....any suggestion?? just like a 20 min. workout in the evenings.

PS : After a yoga session I always feel refreshed and happy ( not sure why I feel happy, but I guess in the whole 'inner peace' kind of way

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