Monday, July 16, 2012

Trousseau Saree Shopping for a Modern Bride

*Phew* done sooo much shopping in the last few days.

All of us generally roam around in jeans, skirts and shorts at our home and offices. Ofcourse once you get married people expect you to look like a 'new-bride' aka wear heavy Indian stuff. But that doesnt mean we cant find a solution to that.

Your mom will insist on a basic number of Saree's, its easy to find Suits and Anarkali's because that is what you will end up wearing and your probably used to wearing them anyways. Saree's are a different story what to wear , what to buy, how much to spend, etc. etc. 

Here are some tips :

1. Buy what you will wear, NOT what your mom says you must have. No need of getting loads of Saree's and then storing them away.

2. If you are not the Saree-lover type of a person remember that there might be family functions or festivals where you might have to wear them. If that is true for you then buy heavy Saree's appropriate to wear to a family/friends wedding, and buy the minimum possible. Take what is in fashion and yet stylish.

I think its needs a tiny border also.

3. How many numbers you decide upon, take different colors and styles.

In desperate need of some blues!

4. If your like me and love Saree's then take different varieties of saree's. Take a good mix of what's in fashion and classic styles. You should defiantly have one of each:
a.) kundan work,
b.) Tie-n-dye with Gota Patti,
c.) Saree's available in all stores under the name of 'Sabyasachi' Saree's,
d.) 2-toned saree,
e.) Half-n-half saree,
f.) Printed chiffon and georgette. 
( Take a couple of these to wear all-day, read shocker for boy and in-laws :P )
g.) Light Mukesh work
h.) South Silks
i.) Kanjivaram
j.) Net Saree
h.) And more!!

5. Take what we would call a 'chic' Saree.

Make sure you have a good red!
Sabyasachi Saree / half n half Saree

Bright colors always look good on young girls, so  if ur buying bright and happy colors then your doing it right

6. If your taking south silks and kanjeevarams then make sure you take something which you will be happy to wear even 5 years hence, These are classic styles.

There are many do's and dont, Just remember buy what you will wear.

PS : All pics (except a couple) have been taken off internet, incase anybody is offended coz of that let me know will remove it :)

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