Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bridal Perfume

Thank you all for helping me out!!

 I know I am guilty of asking for advice and not following it yet, Still have to go and smell all these out but atleast I know some names now!

For other girls who are as confused as me, check the list below :

Pictures have been taken off the internet apologies to anyone who is offended by it, don't mean to take any credit. I did learn product photography in college and the thing that I learnt the most was how bad I am at it. So no I do not claim the pictures below to be mine.

1. Green Tea- Elizabeth Arden

2. Clinique Happy

3. Romance-Ralph Lauren 

4. Cool Water (Men & Women)- Davidoff

5. Boss Woman- Hugo Boss

6. Tommy Girl -Tommy Hilfiger

7. Calvin Klein Euphoria

8. Deep Red by Hugo Boss 

9. Burberry Summer

10. Tresor by Lancome

11. Issay Miyake

12. Premier Jour by Nina Ricci 

All the bottles are so super pretty *sigh*

To people who know me, buy me some of these *puppy dog face*

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