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Home Remedies : Taking Care of your Skin : Pre-Bridal

I guess this is my 3rd post on skin care, I might have became a bit obsessed with skin care 
(stop nodding your head)

Here are some Home Remedies I use :


Most of us probably know this one, Indian mom's love to rub their kids raw with this Home made scrub from the moment they are born.
For those who have no idea what I am talking about, darling if your having an Indian Wedding this will take place on the morning of your wedding!

Removes Tanning, dirt, dust and gives a great glow.

How to make :

Mix together :
1. Besan 1-2 spoons
2. Haldi half teaspoon
3. Lemon half
4. Honey a little
5. Milk to mix
6. Choker 1spoon
7. a little Rose water ( if you have any)

Basically Besan, Haldi and Milk are the most important components the rest if you have them, then add them otherwise those 3 do the job well.

The mixture should look semi-solid.

What to do with it?

Apply it all over your face, neck, hands, legs where ever you want.

Let it dry (til it gets a little hard)

Then you can either wash it off or scrub it off. I personally prefer scrubbing it off.

For any problems with this one, ask your mom she will most defiantly know.


Quickest way to remove tanning.

How to make :

Cut a medium size tomato into 2 parts

What to do with it?

Apply it directly to your face and/or your hands, the inner side on your skin, squeese it a little to get the juice out.

If you find this a little messy you can extract the juice first and then apply it on.

Leave it for 15 min. There might be a slight tingly sensation but thats just the tomato juice working its magic.

Wash it off. Your done!


My college roommate told me about this one. She has amazing skin and for it she used to put this mask on every week. (Sometimes 2-3 times a week!).

Clears your skins and gives it a great 'glow'. A definite must, specially for the summer months.

How to make and What to do with it?

Can be done in 2 ways :

1. cut slices like the picture above
2. Grate the cucumber and then put it on (this is the way my friend prefers it)

Put it on for 15 min and wash!


Most houses have non-fat milk these days but even after that after boiling you still get some amount of malai, save it up!

Wont recommend it for the face, specially if you have oily skin. But great for arms and legs, leaves the skin feeling softer.

What to do with it?

Put it on for 15 min and wash it off.


dont really put it on like this! its a mask not a body wash!
Is a great way to moisturize and soften your skin, added advantage it makes a great lip gloss and a lip scrub!!

i) Face Mask

 How to make it?

Buy some Honey :P
I use the normal Dabur honey, they have this easy pour bottle which I like

What to do with it?

Put on Honey evenly all over your face, leave it for 15 min and wash off.

ii) Lip Scrub

How to make it?

Mix honey with small amount of sugar

What to do with it?

Scrub gently on lips using your fingers, use very slight pressure and circular motion. Keep scrub for a couple of minutes, wash it off.

To use it as a LIP GLOSS just apply it as you would apply a normal gloss. Doesn't last very long but gives a nice shine if needed in an emergency, plus tastes great and acts as a great moisturizer.


Great Scrub.

How to make it?

Cut a lemon in half.
Put a few spoons of sugar in a cup

What to do with it?

Dip the lemon half in the sugar cup so that the sugar sticks onto the lemon, gently scrub it on your face and arms, keep squeezing the lemon a bit so that when you scrub you get both the sugar and lemon juice onto your skin

I don't really recommend a lot of scrubbing with this on the face, it can be a bit rough, but a lot of people do it, so its your personal choice.

Wash it off when tired of scrubbing


A LOT of people recommend this. Both eating it and applying it for great skin. I tried it once didnt quite like it.

How to make it?

Cut a papaya into small pieces, remove the seeds. Mash it a little.

What to do with it?

Apply it on your face , leave for 15 min. Wash it off


Best for avoiding Skin Burn, dark circles and puff eyes

Havn't used it much personally, but have heard great reviews from everyone. Also is a great way to close pores, so if you need your skin to look clearer immediately just rub ice all over it

How to make it?

You get good ice gel packs these days. Available every where. or else just wrap some ice in a Hanky :P (handkerchief).

People recommend freezing rose water for this too.

What to do with it?

Just put it on your face and arms immediately after you return from outside. Use it in the mornings to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles.

Any Other Recommendations guys?

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