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Wedding Event 6.2 : The Big Fat Indian Wedding Part 2

Although its not necessary to read part one to understand Part 2, but none the less check it out at


I was ready by the time the barat came and was eagerly waiting, so much so that I kept peaking out to look at the firecrackers from the barat! If that wasn't enough I figured out a window from where I could see the whole baraat and took all my sisters and friends with me. So there was a group of girls peeking from a jaroka two floors up hidden in the darkness..

My Brothers picked up 'the boy' on their shoulders from his raat upto where my mom was standing at the gate ready with an aarti ki thali.

He was then welcomed onto the stage by bangra and rajisthani group dancers dancing in front of him all the way and then ofcourse neither him nor the rest of the baraat could resist joining in the dance ;)


I had been debating since forever how to make my entry 'different' but somehow till the end it was difficult to come up with a solution, I didn't want any palki or to appear on a moon like brides do these days.

So I opted for something traditional...

I walked in on the Instrumental of Jashney Bahara from Jodha Akhar, under a phoolo ki chaddar decorated with kalireys held by my brothers, with my sisters carrying diya lit thali's and my friends behind me.


The boy came to receive me at the stairs, which was followed by varmala and a shower of rose petals. The rose petals would just not stop! They kept on pouring and pouring till it felt like we were standing in a pool of roses.

Bloopers :

Having double chunni looks super pretty its just everytime I tried to sit down somebody had to help me pull it up and arrange it properly.

My hair and my bindi's did'nt quite agree with each other and by the end I had quite a few bindi's that had fallen off.


Although the Barat was on time we had a LOT of people waiting to get pictures clicked with us, which left us with no time in the end to get our 'couple' pictures clicked and photographer from both sides fighting did'nt help either. In the end I am glad that we both had time to get our individual pictures clicked earlier on and have enough candid pictures to keep us going.


I guess I am one of the few Brides that can say I eat a LOT on my wedding day! By the end everyone was asking me to hurry up as I had to change for phera's and we were getting late!

By the end these 'katorie' were out and more new katorie's with different dishes replaced them, plus I had a slice of Domino's pizza. We did'nt have a lot of time left for dessert so I just had the ones that had chocolate in it ;P which were quite a lot! loved the chocolate tart!


I changed for the phera's and wore a lehenga saree.

There were kambal and chhadar all around, when I entered everyone was tucked in and the mandap was in center , it looked like a huge slumber party!

Everyone was soo sleepy during kanyadan! specialy me and my father! We were about to call for coffee in between, my mother scolded us and said we cant and asked us to concentrate, this is the most important part of the wedding!

Joota churai and Vidaai

I wasn't present when the negotiation happened but I found out later that 'the boy' had given my sisters chocolates along with shagun for the 'joota' which I found extremely sweet.

I changed into a magenta saree from the groom side for vidaai.

Blooper : I had so much stuff in my hand during vidai that when I had to throw the rice back I ended up throwing it on my own head!


I changed thrice that day and had all solah shinghar.

Main Lehengha from Fountier Bazaar, Karol Bagh

Phera ki Saree : Lehengha Saree, Sabyasachi design

Vidaii ki Saree, from Chabra 555, karol bagh


At the end I decided for a long choti with parandi and gajra's for my hair.


I used the same makeup artist through out and was very happy with her work!

start of the event

At the end, makeup remained pretty much the same though out, my lipstick faded a bit but in all fairness I  eat a lot and my nath kept rubbing it off so won't really blame the MUA for it.

I left for my 'sasural' by 4am and the wedding day ended in as a successful event. In the end I can say that even though I expected somethings to go wrong they did not and I ended up with a dream wedding which I didn't even know I had dreamt off....

Really want to know what I was thinking and going through the whole time?! Read The Emotional Journey of how it felt to be a bride

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