Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Look What I found! Mehendi Candles!

If your google history consists of everything associated to a wedding then you must have come across pretty mehendi cakes and candles!

I was walking down the lanes of Lajpat doing a 'hush-hush' project when I saw this mehendi wala making something on a cylindrical wax type object, curiosity got the best of me and I got into a conversation with an ex-banker who makes these lovely candles. (see below)


1. A great item as a center piece for your mehendi or to use to decorate your home during your wedding.

2. Its a pretty Return gifts for Mehendi

3. Surly a great gift for the bride and groom (maybe with their name on it..and a dulha-dulhan design.)

4. How about gifting it post wedding to friends and family who helped you out the most. Like a gift of appreciation.

5. Or use it around the house for decoration purpose

You can see more henna candles @
(Their facebook page doesn't do justice to the product, the candles look even more prettier in real.)

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