Monday, April 22, 2013

Indian Bridal Blog List

There are many blogs that I read, the following are the once that I love reading and get a bit disappointed if there is nothing new on.

Indian Bridal Blogs and Other interesting ones

In Random Order..

1. Peaches and Blush
I hold this blog responsible for making me addicted to reading blogs.
Great for makeup advice, Brides-to-be MUST read her bridal files.

2. The Delhi Bride
Our wedding took place around the same time. And its always fun to read a fellow brides journey.

Lot of reviews on shops, makeup artist and photographers. She pretty much covers everything that I don't, so I advice Brides-to-be to peak at her blog as well.

3. The Vows and Beyond
She hardly ever writes now but when she does the post is extremely well written. There isn't a post yet that hasn't moved me to tears. A true emotional journey of a Bride.

4. Marathi Wedding
Busy Marathi bride with another wedding in her family right after her own. Very informative for a Mumbai Brides, sales and upcoming events are updated. Waiting for her to settle down and tell us all about her wedding!


I also glimpse at  :

5. Wed Me Good
One of the recent ones to join the wedding blog wagon. Log in to check out inspiration for lehengas, real bride and more.

6. Makeup Beauty Lounge
Makeup blogger and right in the middle of her wedding events. Watch her blog for all recent wedding updates and makeup advice!

7. Looking Good Feeling Fab
Recently stumbled upon this blog and I am so glad that I did. Nothing Bridal but a great blog for style tips. An Indian girls style heaven.


I keep myself updated on the Fashion and Bollywood gossip by checking :

8. Miss Malini
Read all about Bollywood and fashion gossip, travel tips, beauty advice, and an awesome wedding in Goa

9. Fashion Scandal
Gossip Girl of the Indian Fashion Fraternity. I have actually seen the havoc his posts sometimes create. All shushed up news gets publicized here!

10. High Heel Confidential
Page 3 gossip, who wore what. In there own words " Front Row, Tadka laga ke"

These are all for now, ofcourse my list keeps increasing as and when I stumble upon new blogs. Keep an eye on the BLOG ROLL (in the right hand sidebar) for updates.

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