Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Phulkari Exhibition, don't miss it!

With Manish Malhotra making waves all over the fashion Industry with his Phulkari collection, its time we learn a little more about the traditional art and see it the way it is.

Following its tradition of promoting art and culture, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) has organized an exclusive exhibition ‘Phulkari from the realm of women’s creativity’ ongoing till May 3rd, 2013. 

As a part of its silver jubilee celebrations, IGNCA is going to display exquisite work by women artisans at the exhibition.

Event:   ‘Phulkari: from the realm of women’s creativity’

Venue:  Auditorium, Central Vista Mess, 1 Janpath, New Delhi 110 001 

Date:     April 16th to May 3rd, 2013

Time:     10.30 am to 7 pm

ENTRY- (Entry and Parking Free)

For more information you can contact them on

Fun Facts : 
In the olden times, accomplishment of a bride and her mother was judged by the beautiful phulkari and bagh they made.
 Even the affluence of the families was judged by the number and work of phulkari and bagh they gave to their daughters in their trousseau. 
They were also made for ceremonial pieces which were used in marriages, at the time of birth of a child and during festive occasions.

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