Thursday, June 6, 2013

Who is the Crazy Indian Bride?

Crazy Indian Wedding started as a distraction from all the wedding maddness. Once my wedding date was fixed I quit my job and spent all my time planning and getting ready for the BIGGEST day of my life!

The days leading upto the wedding I had just one project 'Mission Marriage' and hence the birth of of this blog. I gathered so much information that I decided to help the brides in need. Even though I tied the knot on 24th Nov. 2012 the blog continues and so does my mission to help Brides-to-be!

While I am not blogging, or thinking about what to blog, I sit down in my gold n pink studio and design for my recently launched label ROLI GAUR VASHISHT. You can find out more on its facebook page

And sometimes when I should really be either writing a blog post or working on a clients dress, I procrastinate and waste my time here :

About The Crazy Indian Bride (CIB)

Hi I am Roli,
I graduated NIFT, Mumbai in 2010 with a degree in Fashion Design. I worked a while with leading designers from the Indian Fashion fraternity, in the process I got married and opened up my own label :D

I am currently trying to pass my MBA exams.

Random Fact: I did a PG so I could get a PhD, but my only reason for doing a PhD was to get a 'Dr.' in front of my name, because I felt my name is too small, but post marriage that problem seems to be solved, so I dunno if I would do a PhD. or not...?

My current project in life are :
1. Figure out what I want in Life (Lately I haven't been so sure)
2. Figure out why Google Adsence keeps rejecting the blog.
4. Get in shape (This seems to be an ongoing project for me!) #nevergonnahappen
5. Get somebody to give me total control of their wedding (Bridezilla in me still hasn't gone :P )
6. Get some friends that live in the same city as I do.
7. Figure out how to get 'famous' on YouTube
8. Remember to go to the salon once a while.
9. Try to be more responsible
10. Learn how to spell

Hobbies : Reading books, google-ing any and all topics, ogling bridal wear, cooking and avoid studying

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