Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Help me!

I used to have perfect skin in terms of tanning, it would be slightly tanned over the summers and even that would go away naturally as winter approached.

Now, my skin is bored of being in a similar color palette through out the year! Any time I go out anywhere I get tanned in all different shades!

Remember my fight with tanning post South Africa and Goa, Read here

Well, we are back from Bangkok and Pattaya and my skin has changed colors again! Even our families are now confused, because, even if we go out anywhere in a group its just me and my husband who come back in a new tanned look and nobody else.

Thailand, Day 1 and Day 6

Every time the type of tanning is also different! South Africa was more undertone-changing-tan (read the above mentioned article), Goa was all over Indian tanned and Thailand is patchy tanned (yucky).

I am a bit guilty of not using sunscreen all the time but even if people who are with us don't they don't get as tanned as we do :/

Wedding seasons here and I want my skin back.


PS: A few days back I went to the market for like 10 min I was wearing a suit and my chunni was hanging in the normal way, like it makes a U-shape in the front. When I came back I noticed my hands got a little tanned and you could actually see the untanned skin making a circular pattern of the chunni! *facepalm*

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