Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pictorial: Festive Album!

So many things happened over the last month! Its easier to talk about them all via pictures.

Karva Chauth

Went home day before karva chauth in a red saree all decked up, only to tell my mom that I am wearing my chudidar below the saree so I can change into a kurta immediately, which eventually I didn't.

Next day morning got up at 4am, washed my face, brushed and staggered down the stairs to eat 'sargi'. My mother doesn't do Sargi so I had no idea what to do, after a lot of instructions the day before I managed to do it alright. (I guess). Eat and drank water as much as I possibly could in the whee hours of the morning (read not much).

Finally went back to sleep at 5. Got up a few hours later and got dressed really slowly. Wore an Anarkali during the day to keep things simple.

Spent the rest of the day with mom, both of us just lying on the sofa's and watching T.V., Put mehendi on mom's hand :D

Look at the squibbles.

I was pretty ok through out the day, not hungry or thirsty, but after the twitter conversation with Mehak of Peaches and Blush and Thedelhibride  about "Are you thirsty?" I started to feel my throat drying off.

Decided to just take a LOT of time dressing up to distract myself. So did the whole 16 Shingar! My hair decided to misbehave that day :/ so pictures havn't come out that good.

After Pooja, I became a little impatient, according to the Tanishq App the moon rise was scheduled at 8:20pm, but because of so much pollution we finally saw it at 8:45pm. The whole day went smoothly but the last half an hour was just unbearable!.

Finally the moon came out, both me and my mom broke our fast.

In between I had an Exhibition.

The above two events prompted me to realize my pictures are coming too bad! I am going from chubby to more-than-chubby. So me and my husband started dieting the days that followed, but we took a break on Diwali and Bhai Dhooj.


Wore a lehenga from Roli Gaur Vashisht on Diwali, Spent the morning making Rangoli and the afternoon clicking pictures :D 

In the studio...

Decorated the studio a bit.

Everything was going pretty good and my 1st Diwali at my new home was being spent with so much love and fun, but once we started the pooja my tears won't stop flowing. I was missing home, even when I was away while studying, I was always back for Diwali. This was the first time in my life that I won't hear Dad sing the arti's in a loud voice, probably making up for no pooja the rest of the year ;) , neither would I get to know if bhaiya started singing the verse in fast forward just to make the pooja shorter or if mom made the Saurti perfectly.

When my husband found out, he got his keys and we were off to visit my parents :D. I did get to meet them and also my bestest friends parents who were celebrating Diwali without her. Came back after an hour and bursted a LOT of crackers. I usually don't but it was my first Diwali, na!

Bhai Dooj

Break from Dieting :D

Saree from Roli Gaur Vashisht :D

All in all the festive season was great and it has just started!!

As for our diet, in 21days hubby's lost 5kg and I have lost 3.5kg! 
But we are off to celebrate our anniversary wonder how much we will gain :O

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