Wednesday, November 6, 2013

To the November Bride 2013,

Dear Bride-to-be,

Congratulations! You are on one of life's most amazing journeys. Waking up every morning visualizing how your wedding day will be, getting tensed if your lehenga would come out just perfect, if the MUA would deliver like she promised, will the mehendi-wali be on time!? and then getting goosebumps when you get that 'goodmorning' message from your fiance, yes you have someone you can call that, fiance...are you used to it?
Been saying, "Hi, have you meet my fiance?" Blushing anyone? Smiling for sure! Well don't get too used to it, very soon you are going to have to learn to say "Have you meet my husband?"

November means wedding month for a lot of girls, so what do you do when the D-day is approaching?! Its a difficult mind set to be in, you are so excited to have the best day of your life and so scared that something might ruin it. You can't wait to be with the 'one', and you want just a few more months at your home, YOUR home, the home you grew up in. On the other side there is a complete new world waiting for you.

Darling girl, you have given your heart and soul into creating the perfect wedding day and I can promise you it will be nothing less. I can also promise you there will be big bloopers that you will remember for the rest of your life; which at that point will not feel like a huge blunder, just something to laugh about.

As a November bride last year I advice you to delegate everything right now, and relax, have fun, cherish every moment with your parents, start your dance practices, dance more with your sisters than your husband (you have a life time for that), enjoy every moment of these last few weeks.

No its not the end of a life, but it is a beginning of a new you. You will change, things around you will make you change, there will be some changes that you would want and some you would have to accept. Be ready, be patient. My darling girl your entering into a new world for that you have to remember to cherish what you had.

Roli Gaur Vahsisht
Your Crazy Indian Bride

Nov. 12, 2012
The month of my wedding


The whole dance sequence has been trashed, updated and bye bye 2 months of practice and welcome 3 days crash course of dance.

One of my sister refuses to dance so now I have to find backups...thank god for friends!

I have just realized that I am the only one among family and extended family which has not thought of any dress to wear for the Pooja, will nick something from the trousseau.

I am not packed, havn't started, don't have a plan.....thinking of stuffing everything in a suitcase and just sending all the stuff to in-laws.

Need a good vacation, couple of days in Agra??? anyone free (mom?!)

Things are a little calm.....which is weird I thought they would be a little panicked instead, but thats good.

Other good news is that my nails are co-operating and I haven't broken them yet ( 2 glasses of milk everyday helps and switching from querty to touch phones helps). Touch wood!

I am not gaining weight (neither am I losing it).

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