Friday, December 27, 2013

Inspiration: Old Indian Wedding

As the year draws to an end I look back......really back, into photo's that have no colors. Into weddings where wearing a 'fatta-hua' frock was ok, and the bride hadn't turned bridezilla (the word I don't think even existed back then). I look into weddings where having a photographer at your wedding was a big thing.

This is a wedding of 1946

See she wasn't so freaked out about the MUA not turning up :P

Not a big fan of her saree pleats?! wonder why nobody made those perfectly?!
or is it like a weird lehenga style? cant make out.

I love the boys dhoti, add a band galey ka coat and he is ready for 21st century.
The bride's pleats look better in this pic.

Wonder what the Saree fabric is....
In the other pictures it looked cotton-y but in this picture it looks silk, see it shines a bit.
 If the color was maroon, then the bride was totally 'rocking' it with the strips, or hot pink maybe?? Any idea if hot pink was a prevalent color in 1946?? Anybody is a History major?

Also notice the varmala on the bride is not round, its just a straight string.

Well...if you decorate the umbrella and give it to the boy behind, remove the stick then maybe it could give a little royal look.
 I guess people weren't to worried about looking good on wedding days back then, they had more important things to do, like fight for our independence. 

What do you think? Anything you liked? or didn't?

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