Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Guest Post : Top 7 New Year Resolutions for Newly Wed Couples

There is nothing more romantic than the first few years of marriage. Newly married couples can be seen glowing in love as they can’t seem to take their eyes off each other. Everything seems new and exciting and you want to spend most of your time in each other’s company. So this new year, make the following resolutions as a couple to help keep the spark alive.

1. Dine out at new restaurants
Ask each other out on dates. Bonding over a culinary experience at a new restaurant every month will allow you to try out new food and critique it together. You can spend priceless hours making jokes over bad food or create new memories if you get lucky with the new discovery.

2. Call up friends and relatives who attended your wedding
You must set aside a few days to call up people who took time out to attend your wedding and express your gratitude. Thank them for their presence on the occasion and tell them how special it made you feel. Also, remember to thank them for the gifts they brought. It is a fun activity to be undertaken together and will help you relive the special day. This gesture will be highly appreciated by your loved ones.

3. Take turns to do household chores
Distribute chores like cleaning, washing dishes, buying groceries, taking out trash and doing laundry. Even though these are menial issues, newlyweds can have an argument over them. So it is best to settle it out early on in your marriage. You can assign the work in an interesting way by playing a game of poker. Whoever wins gets to decide what duties he would like to take on for that month.

4. Set out on a romantic getaways
If you’ve just come back from your honeymoon, you can save this one for another time of the year but make sure you do it. Sit down and talk of how you feel and where you’d want to be at that moment in time. Getting away on the weekend will help you get a breath of fresh air and unwind. It may be another city or just a change of room in the same town for one weekend. Such a fun activity can be done more than once and is essential to spice up your marriage.

5. Learn the art of saving and cost cutting
According to studies, the biggest reason for couples to fight is financial issues. It is wiser to discuss savings accounts, insurance plans and other investments early on in the marriage. So start understanding finances and learn to reduce costs and save money. Try foregoing unnecessary expenses and taking advantage of deal websites offering discounts, seasonal sales and other coupons.

6. Improve eating habits
Even if you are a health buff, chances are your spouse could be a junk food lover, which is like a disease that will sooner or later get you. Even if one of you has an unhealthy eating habit, it can cost you in the future. So, make a resolution to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Head to the grocery store together and pick up healthy items that you both like eating and are stock them up in the fridge. Begin by resisting the urge to eat stuff with excessive salt or sugar content. 

7. Don’t carry your work home
Wrap up all your work in the office to live a balanced life. You may want to appear like a professional who is serious about his work but you have other duties at home. Try to finish your office work in the workplace and learn to prioritize your life. Return home to devote yourself to love.

Mark these tips as your new year resolutions for 2014 as they will work like magic in your marriage and help it start on the right foot.

Author bio: Devika Arora is a prolific writer, from , who has been writing for a while on marriages and relationships. 

My View's : I think Devika nailed it, I am not sure if I can keep all of these resolution, probably just 1 to 5. The last two are a bit difficult...I do try to eat healthy but I have a weakness for chocolates and pizzas. As for the last one, "Don't carry your work home" I work from home so kind-of not possible. ;P

Did you make any resolution? or do you think there is no need since they get broken anyways?

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