Friday, July 4, 2014

The RED Bride!

If you have followed the blog enough you would know the love and special place I have in my heart for a traditional red bride!

I logged in today to find inspiration for lehenga's for the Sister of the Groom (*cough* wedding in the family I was talking about *cough*) so there I was searching for a nice brightly colored lehenga, that looked fun as well as 'just-married' for one of the function, and then I found this beautiful red lehenga picture and I got kinda stuck in that spiral :/

Anyways here are inspirational pictures for you lot!!

I wish this was fitted better!

Hello, yes you laying on the bed,
Can I borrow your figure for a couple of days?? or months...eerrr....lifetime maybe?! Please :D

If you are married then tell me what color bride you were? and if you are a Bride-to-be, or just a girl who loves weddings what color bride would you want to be??

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