Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Indian wear Inspiration : Sonam Kapoor

Love her or Hate her, you have to admit she has style!

Here are some pictures of her which you can use as style inspiration for your own trousseau ! 
Do Notice the Makeup and Hair in each picture!!

^ You do know I make similar type of Saree's right!? Just saying.... #ShamelessPlugIn

^ Who else can carry that nosepin off with such style and poise! 

^ Notice that tiny purse!

^ Ok that Bride is differently the coolest!

^ A Backless Anarkali?! What say??

^ I LOVE this hairstyle!!

^ I want to attend a wedding where I can wear something like this!!

^ Love this bun!

^ Plain Choli, Statement Necklace, looks amazing!

^ Classic Elegant look for Cocktail 

Which look is your favorite??

 And who do you want to see next for 
Indian Wear Inspiration??

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