Thursday, September 11, 2014

Makeup Artist Delhi

OMG finding a makeup artist in Delhi is a nightmare, I guess that's true for most places as well! I was so sorted during my own wedding I knew who I wanted and booked her 6 months before, but this time for my brother's wedding I want to experiment with other artist and I don't want to spend a lot. Anything below 10k is ok for me.

My requirements for the Makeup Artist in Delhi are :
1. Should be able to travel to Noida.
2. Cost below 10k (per person)
3. Because it would be both me and my mom her makeup should be appropriate for both!
4. This time I want someone who can do innovative hairstyles.
5. Should make me look different enough from my own wedding, because I am repeating a lot of clothes the makeup and hair should be atleast different.

I have till now talked to :

1. Looks salon : I have seen the brides of the Noida Looks and they all look very pretty and youngish.There costing is ok at the Salon but if you ask them to travel then the cost is double! So that's an absolute No.

Looks website :
Can't find any bride pictures online :/

2. Aashmeen Munjal : I am in a love/hate relationship with her work. The costing varies depending upon the senior and junior artists. But again the cost of travel to the venue is double (and this does not include travel cost or taxes).

 Have a look at there Facebook page for more pictures :

Another thing that made me panic about Aashmeen Munjal was when the girl was explaining to me the types of makeup they have done and showing me pictures, she pointed out how they had made a girl more 'gora' and not just her face but her hands as well; The minute she said this I knew this wasn't for me, I am ok with a girl wanting to look 'white' on her wedding but I strongly believe that it should be the girls choice and makeup artist and salons shouldn't mention it and make her conscious about her skin color, because if the makeup artist is good she will make a dusky girl look so good that all the 'gori' will be super jealous!

3. Shalini Singh : I have seen and heard a lot about her, all good things, but unfortunately she won't be able to travel in December :( and she is a bit above my price range.

 See her website here :

4. Aakriti Kochar : I had a talk with Tanvi, and she seemed super friendly. The price range is also within my limit, just slightly higher. She can travel and as of yet is free on my dates! I am kind off freezing in on her, I have heard all good things, incase you know anything please advice!

See more of her work here : 

5. Others : I have heard a lot about Kriti DS as well, but unfortunately I also read a negative comment and I don't want to take any risks, I also looked into Shruti Sharma, Poonam Sharma, Tejasvini Chander, Sarita Sharma but either me or my mom didn't like the previous work; All though all these names come highly recommended so make sure you do check them out, the reason me and my mom didn't really like some of them was because either the hairstyles weren't innovative enough or the makeup style kind off looked similar to the one  we had already got done at my wedding.

Kriti DS

Shruti Sharma :

Poonam Sharma :

Tejasvini Chander :
This is the only makeup artist, that I could find, who had different types of brides on her fb page, including a South Indian bride and a Bengali Bride.

Let me know guys if you have any suggestions! And if you are a Bride-to-be who have you booked for your Big Day??

All pictures have been sourced from the Artist Facebook Page, absolutely no credit goes to me, in case anyone is annoyed that their picture is up here, let me know at and it will be taken down immediately!!

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