Monday, September 15, 2014

Unusual Ways a Groom can Arrive at the Wedding!

We have discussed so much about the Bride, its about time the groom gets some time on this blog.

What happens when the Groom doesn't want to be traditional and come on a Ghoda (Horse). Here are some fun ways a groom can make his entrance!

1. Old Vintage Car : Will add such an amazing old world charm to your wedding, not to mention how amazing the pictures would come out!

2. Limousine, is there any better way to arrive in style other than this??

 Both the Vintage Car and Limousine's are available on Rent 
in most major cities!

3. Motorcycle, Because why not...

You can also opt for a one with a Sidecar to carry the bride back in ;P

4. On an Elephant : Because that's how a true Maharaja would come!

Look how happy he is!!

5. Truck : Because bigger is ALWAYS better

Imagine The Groom in the co-driver seat and the Bharati's dancing in the front and inside the back, You can have a DJ floor installed as well!!

If I was a Groom I would defiantly come in a truck or a PINK  ambassador :D

How would you come? or How would you want your groom to come?

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