Friday, September 5, 2014

Wedding File 3 : What will I wear to my Cousin's engagement, wedding and other functions!?

Here is what I am thinking for my cousin brother's engagement :

The same lehenga I wore for my own engagement except this time I will change the choli and get a navy blue brocade choli instead.  So it will be 3 colors. What do you think??

As for the Tilak, I am thinking my Vidai wali Saree :

It's like super heavy!

and for the wedding I plan to wear my phero-wali-saree :

This makes sense since the cousin getting married is my Mama's son and this saree was gifted to me by my Mama! So win-win :D

I dunno about Mehendi and sangeet, etc. but would decide closer to the date!

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