Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What you should gift your Mother-in-Law on Karva Chauth?!


Its my 2nd Karva Chauth this year and my first in my Sasural! I spent my first Karva Chauth in my Maika like any newly wedded girl. So incase you didn't know already, if its your first Karva Chauth you get to go home! :D

Last year I wrote about what you should wear on Karva Chauth (specially if its your first!) read this to get reminded :

In fact I think after pooja, even this year I will wear my wedding lehenga :D or I might stick to a new saree, not sure yet because I do get to wear my wedding lehenga later this year for my brother's wedding, so I might just wear my Vidai wali saree or Phero wali saree, which are still technically my wedding attire. (Never seen my wedding pictures ?! See this : )

Anyways, last year my mother took care of everything and I didn't have to worry about anything at all, but since this year I am kind of taking a lead I have to buy things for my mother-in-law for Karva Chauth, I thought it was only a Saree that I had to gift her, but apparently not!

Anyways here is a list of things that you have to Traditionally gift your Mother-In-Law on Karva Chaut :
(Pohi/Sargi/Baya from Bahu to Saas)

1. Saree/ Suit : whatever your Mother-in-law prefers

2. Matthi

3. Dry Fruits

4. Fruits

5. Money : Any amount you wish

And if its your first Karva Chaut then along with the above list you also need to gift,

6. Chini ka karwa

Can't find a picture any where :/ but it looks like a Karwa and is made out of sugar; like the 'Khiloney' (Toys) we get to eat on Diwali!

7. 10 Steel glass and 1 jug (This might vary family to family)

Also you need to have 6 glasses with mathis on top and a jug full of rice along with 2.5 clothes. 

Well this is the list that I know, incase you know anything more then do tell me!!

Want to know the Karva Chauth Story ?! Check it out here :

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