Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wedding Police ?!

What is it with celebrities and their understated weddings?!?!? Do they get too tired of wearing heavy clothes all the time, or maybe because every other person coming to their wedding would be wearing something stunning, they want to stand apart so they end up wearing something subdued.

Although Soha Ali Khan looked fabulous in her wedding day attire, I don't really think its the best she could have worn, I wish there was something more to it, something to aww us with :/

She does look like the 60's Heroine though...I dunno why I don't like this, maybe its the lack of color, because she does look stunning, just not 'Bridal'.

Look at this old photo of her for a jewelry brand :

Now that looks like a bride :/ , Anyways apart for the wedding, her Mehendi and reception outfit weren't too much to talk about :

 Is it just me, or is this kurta really ill-fitted?! I hate giving negative comments on this blog, but really, why would someone do this for there wedding?!

 I like the skirt of this lehenga but certainly not the choli!

Pictures of Other guest :

OMG, Love that Saree! 

I can't decide if I love it or hate it!?

Out of everyone Neha Dhupia's Lehenga is the only one that I do like

Has he gained weight?! What is that fit??? Why so Bulky?

OMG, Karishma Kapoor looks gorgeous!!!

I love the combination, but that lehenga looks real cheap!

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