Monday, March 2, 2015

Plus Size Indian Bride : Important Tips and Tricks

Don't worry you are in safe hands! Most of the times when you read a blog post about 'Plus Size' dressing you wonder whether its been written by a skinny girl, or someone who is not really 'plus size' , well I totally am, yes true I haven't crossed the size 22, but I have been in that ball park.

At present I am a Size 18-20 and my brother got married a few months back, I ended up wearing the same lehenga's I wore for my own wedding (when I was a size 12-14 ), although the eyes weren't really on me, it got me thinking how I would have managed if it had been my wedding...

1. Find the perfect fit! 

I know this sounds like the lamest advice, because obviously everyone knows how important it is to find the perfect fit, but you know what what we don't understand is that if there is a slight issue with fit for us plus sized goddess then what happens is that when the Makeup Artist tightens the lehenga on our waist it creates a 'Muffin top' effect.

So make sure the lehenga is of your size and not loose! So when you zip it up, it should fit you perfectly.

2. Get a heavy Chunni or with Motif on sides

Incase you kind avoid the 'muffin top' situation what you can do is to have your chunni draped in a way that it hides the tummy, or to have a motif on the side so it covers your tummy without looking obvious.

3. Experiment with drapes!

Try to create drapes and layers where ever you want to hide stuff!

4. Wear colors that suit YOU!

Every girl has that one color in which she looks absolutely gorgeous! Wear that! The glow and the beauty on your face will be such a delight that people will not notice anything else! It's true, try it!

5. Show some skin!

Yes you read that right, I know a lot of designers recommend full sleeve, full length choli, no neckline for the plus size bride, but I disagree.

By this I certainly don't mean that you expose things that you are uncomfortable with, It just means make sure you have a good neckline, or a short sleeve's anything which will give a break to continues fabric.

Left Vs Right
6. Lose Weight

I am your friend and I am going to be harsh with you, lose wight. If you are unhappy with your body then you need to take better care of it, I know its easier said then done, but it can be done!

See I am nothing against a plus size girl, I mean I am one of you, but the thing is being healthy is super important! I am not asking you to be skinny, I am asking you to be healthy and happy, however if you are comfortable in your own skin, then you go girl!

(Psst....if you are looking for a Nutritionist/Dietitian then I recommend Dt. Vaishali Gaur , I am on her diet right now! You can check out her blog : or contact her directly on , she does online consultation as well )

7. Love Yourself

Yes this is important in finding the perfect bridal lehenga, because unless you love yourself you will not be able to find something that you love ON you.

My Dearest Dearest Girl, you are getting married, The Boy choose YOU, out of all the lovely girls in the world he picked you, and you picked him....if that's not enough to show you how beautiful you are, then I dunno what is.....

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